Denmark: National Focus Group

One of the most innovative aspects of the ESP is the establishment of some National Focus Groups (NFG) and the organization of networking activities at national level. The NFGs include individuals from a variety of public and private organizations providing input, raising awareness and supporting to disseminate ESP.
The National Coordinators of ESP in Denmark are:
  • Beate Laubel Boysen (Foundation for Entrepreneurship - Young Enterprise Denmark)
  • Katrine Dupont Mortensen (Foundation for Entrepreneurship - Young Enterprise Denmark)
The Members of the National Focus Group are (in alphabetical order):
  • Bodil Hoier (The Association of Danish Business and Technical Colleges) 
  • John Hvass (Advisory board for Education and Training for Building and Construction Industry)
  • Thomas Hagen (Teacher, EUC Nordvestsjælland - Vocational education center)
  • Torben Vartenberg (Senior CSR Adviser, Green Network; NPO, CSR Europe)


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