Romania: National Focus Group

One of the most innovative aspects of the ESP is the establishment of some National Focus Groups (NFG) and the organization of networking activities at national level. The NFGs include individuals from a variety of public and private organizations providing input, raising awareness and supporting to disseminate ESP.
The National Coordinator of the ESP in Romania is:
  • Dorin Calin (Junior Achievement Romania)
The Members of the National Focus Group are (in alphabetical order):
  • Camelia Horlaci (Country Managing Partner, Baker Tilly)
  • Ciprian Scrieciu (SAFF Trading, CEO)
  • Cristian Nacu (South Eastern Europe’s PRIVATE EQUITY Association, President)
  • Eugen Stoica (General Inspector within the Ministry of National Education)
  • Liliana Zaschievici (Teacher at Mihai Viteazul National Highschool in Bucharest)
  • Lucica Ciupercă (Inspector within School Inspectorate of Bacău County)
  • Marinica Stoian (General Inspector within the Ministry of National Education)
  • Mihaela Matei (Special Projects Communication Officer, EY)
  • Mihaela Roșca (Teacher at Higher Commercial School Nicolae Kretzulescu in Bucharest)
  • Radu Florescu (CENTRADE Integrated, CEO)
  • Virgil Blage (Principal of Economic Highschool Partenie Cosma from Oradea)

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