2016 - Year of Entrepreneurship in Serbia

08 April 2016

Junior Achievement Serbia (JAS) and Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit of Government of Serbia (SIPRU) joined their forces in promoting the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) among teachers and students in Serbia.

The shared vision is to make entrepreneurship education available in every high school in Serbia so that young people can have better career opportunities when they finish education.

More than 200 high school students from 32 schools in 27 cities in Serbia filled the first questionnaire and made their first step towards the ESP. It is agreed that such initiative needs to be supported by relevant partners coming from government bodies, institutions, organizations and business sector, to encourage young people to make career choices that suit their interests.

2016 is officially named Year of Entrepreneurship in Serbia. Besides measures taken to boost entrepreneurship, it is also recognized that entrepreneurship education is the most important tool in developing entrepreneurial spirit, culture and skills.

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