ESP holders can apply for Leaders-For-A-Day

03 August 2015

Leaders-for-a-Day provides young people who have completed the JA Company Programme and obtained ESP certification from across Europe with the opportunity to learn from a leader by shadowing him/her for one day. The goal is to enable young people to make better informed career choices, enlarge their network and improve their career opportunities.


Leaders-for-a-Day is dedicated to better prepare young people for the labour market by engaging them in a comprehensive real life work experience that will:
  • Demonstrate the connection between education and successful careers
  • Introduce young people to the requirements of the labour market and help them to build the skills they need to succeed in a 21st century workplace.
  • Encourage mentoring between young people and experienced professionals; help them expand their network and position them better to enter the labour market.
  • Inspire a shared responsibility across all sectors for the development of a skilled, adaptable, and successful workforce that will contribute to a dynamic and competitive economy.
The profile of the participating students:
  • ESP holders
  • Fluent English
  • Above 18 years old (by 13 October 2015)
  • Ambitious, communicative, confident, and embracing the “JA spirit”
JA Alumni who have been in the Company Porgramme and obtained an ESP certification will be selected to join the Leaders-for-a-Day. Each of them will shadow a leader for one working day.
Discover how to apply HERE. For further questions please email Veronica Mobilio ( and/or Elena Tosheva (

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