ESP Case-Study

09 October 2015

The European Commission - Joint Research Centre has just published an in-depth case-studies report, where the ESP is presented as a reference on how entrepreneurship is taught and learnt as a key competence.

JRC-IPTS is seeking to establish the state of the art on entrepreneurship competence by identifying and comparing different theoretical and practical approaches from the academic and non-academic world.

This report is part of an ongoing study aiming to address the lack of consensus by developing a European reference framework that defines the key Competence for lifelong learning 'Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship (EntreCOMP)'.

Together with other 9 case-studies, the ESP is used to highlight similarities and differences in the development of entrepreneurship competence in terms of pedagogical approaches, assessment practices, evaluation strategies, impact, factors of transferability and sustainability.

You can download the publication here.

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