Christine Vanormelingen Euroclear

Christine is the driving force behind Euroclear's communications, investor relations and corporate responsibility strategy and oversees its implementation on group level. She also shares her knowledge and experience as a member of the VMA Advisory Board to peers active in similar jobs. She has a broad academic background with degrees in Philosophy and Literature, Applied Economic Sciences and owns a master degree in Marketing. After her studies, she lived abroad for about 9 years and gained work experience in an international context (e.g. publishing and marketing research industry). In the course of the last 15 years she has built up extensive expertise in Consumer Marketing and Corporate Communication, mainly in the pharmaceutical and financial services industry. In the past decade she has held a number of key positions within Generali, AXA Belgium, the Belgian trade association and BNP Paribas Fortis. Christine has long shown a clear commitment to highlighting the added value of CSR for growing the business and is regarded as a pioneer in this field. Through various academic institutions and initiatives she also makes her social commitment, knowledge and expertise available to the communication experts of tomorrow. A true mission based on passion and professionalism.

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