Alumni stories

Michael Lukáč from Czech Republic

L4D completely outshined my expectations. I got to meet a tremendous amount of people and got to see places I would never be able to visit under regular circumstances. Prior to L4D, my experience with entrepreneurship as a work routine meant either sitting behind an office desk or being surrounded by the walls of a way too cozy conference room for countless hours. In Brussels, I witnessed that the reality does not necessarily have to be so black and white.

Alexandros Koronakis approached me with the maximum level of openness. He quickly understood and even mentioned himself that instead of the rather expected search for guidance, it seems that I came for the sole purpose of gathering inspiration. Alexandros wanted me to meet a variety of his employees, colleagues and professional acquaintances, discuss their work and gain some sort of an outlook of the situation.

It was this very outlook that was supposed to get me to the inevitable internal clarification of what is needed to gain success.

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