Alumni stories

Roxana Tompea, Romania/United Kingdom

Roxana and her leader: Christine Vanormelingen, Global Head of Communications, Euroclear

Prior to "Leaders-for-a-Day", Roxana participated in "Company of the Year" competition in Bucharest, Ro and London, UK - 2013

I've attended the "L4D" programme in Brussels without any specific expectations, and that was probably the best thing I could have done in terms of personal and professional learning. I am a highly active person, very much driven by the group and the situation I find myself in. Having plunged directly into the programme's workshop upon arrival was thus the perfect way for me to connect with my peers and to learn about their background and prospects.

Notwithstanding, the shadowing experience at Euroclear (a global provider of Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) services) has opened new working possibilities for me, as I learned and shadowed people from various environments and with different professional experiences. The corporate realm did not previously appeal to me, yet after such an engulfing day, I am now confident to break the ice and to challenge myself with something new after graduation.

JA has played an important part in my educational advancement over the years, and this experience has not been any different. Apart from the exclusive shadowing opportunity where I got the chance to ask the though questions and to gain valuable insight into financial corporation from Euroclear's communications, investor relations and corporate responsibility strategy driving force, Mrs. Christine Vanormelingen, I also benefited from the networking opportunity, both personally and professionally. Without any doubt, I am now more confident both about myself and the upcoming future.

Beyond the entrepreneurial experience, I take great pride in the way I have enlarged my networking. From business, CSR, and communications managers, all the way to the young entrepreneurs who will surely aid in shaping the future, such a complete experience gives one the perfect set to grow and foster skills.

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