During the JA Company Programme, students can use a pre and post self-assessment to assess their competences as they progress through the year. Translated in several languages, the questionnaires are accessible through an online platform that will allow JA Europe to have comparable data on the impact of a programme that enrols 250,000 students throughout Europe every year.

Have a look at the self-assessment platform here

  • Objective: make students aware of the competences acquired through the entrepreneurial experience in school and emphasize the role they play in the programme.
  • Key competences addressed: sense of initiative and entrepreneurship with a particular focus on: creativity, perseverance, resourcefulness, self-confidence, taking initiative, taking responsibility, teamwork.
  • Number of questionnaires: 2 (at the beginning and at the end of the JA Company Programme).
  • Time required: around 20-30 minutes.
  • Online platform: Students need to register and create an account before taking the first questionnaire. When the second one is available they will be notified by email. Students can download the Certificate of Achievement directly from the platform by the end of the process.

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