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L4D Stories

"My experience with the Leaders-for-a-Day program was excellent. Paulo Ferreira from Portugal, the young leader who came to “shadow" me in the Microsoft office in Brussels, was very curious, knowledgeable and way more mature than most 18-year-olds I’ve encountered. I was impressed by the fact that Paulo already has his future plans set for the next years and it was great to help and mentor such a young talent with an entrepreneurial mind-set." - Francois Lhemery, Senior Director of Policy for Microsoft EMEA

"What else can be more impactful than bringing together the leaders of tomorrow and the ones with the decision-making power today? When Junior Achievement Europe contacted me to be part of the programme, I immediately accepted, thinking it was a great initiative. 18 year old Rares Vasilescu played my shadow for a day in the European Parliament, seeing first-hand what my position entails and how a working day looks like for me." - Adina-Ioana Valean, Member of European Parliament, Romania


"It was a wonderful day while I crossed the path of Anastasia. She was so professional and straight to the points with clear and meaningful questions for me and for the people we met all along the day." - Damien Bourgeois, Head of CRM and Customer Intelligence, AXA Belgium

"A shadow is supposed to be an area of darkness created when a source of light is blocked? After having spent the day with our JA student Nikola, I am more than convinced that we should change that wording! To me Nikola has not been a shadow but a mirror-image. All along this one-day-journey we’ve been exchanging ideas and convictions as if Nikola were my younger alter ego, time-travelling forward into the present day. I loved every minute of it." - Geert Vaerenberg, Director Experis Belux, ManpowerGroup


“It’s hard to sum up my Brussels experience in just a few words, because it was incredible! I’m glad I could participate in the Leaders-for-a-Day initiative and meet so many amazing people, which I hope to keep in touch with.” - Nikola Sýkorová, JA Alumna from Czech Republic 

“Having just a day with my inspirational leader Mr. Karim Lesina, the Vice President of International External Affairs at AT&T, showed me what it takes to be a leader in today’s world. Mr. Lesina showed me how transparent and down to the ground a leader could be with his colleagues and lead a wonderful and efficient team. Moreover, he advised me and at the same time was curious of my thoughts and experiences. Wanting to know more about me revealed to me that being a leader is about being kind and thoughtful among other important skills.” - Ahmed Msheliza, JA Alumnus from Bulgaria 


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