Final Exam

At the end of the programme and after taking the two questionnaires of the self-assessment, students can decide to sit for an exam and certify their business, economic and financial knowledge and skills.
There is a direct link between the activities experienced in the entrepreneurial experience and the exam. Therefore its questions are focused on skill-based tasks with an emphasis upon applied understanding and practical scenarios rather than solely assessing knowledge and factual recall. For more details about the contents of the exam have a look at the ESP Syllabus and at the Online Demo.
The ESP Exam is delivered through an online platform that is available only in specialized test centres where students can go and take the exam in a formal setting.
Have a look at the exam platform here.
  • Total set of questions: equivalent to 28 answers
  • Possible type of questions: multiple choice questions; questions with drop-down menu; etc.
  • Format of the test: stand-alone questions and/or questions with a short scenario
  • Length of the exam: 1 hour
  • Scoring: only plus/positive score, each question has the same score, all or nothing
  • Percentage to pass the exam: 70%

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