Alumni stories

Alissa Kovarik, Austria

Alissa and her leader: Marisa Trisolino, Assistant Vice President, Strategic Business Planning and Development, AT&T

Prior to "Leaders-for-a-Day", Alissa participated in the JA Company Programme and holds the ESP certificate.

It was an awesome, unique and extraordinary experience, which really broadened my horizon. Apart from spending my time with the other students, who share the same passion for entrepreneurship and have so many great different points of view, being able to shadow my leader for one day was just extraordinary. Within those days and especially during the shadowing day I learned so much about leadership and the real entrepreneurial world. Getting an insight into Marisa's daily routine was overwhelming and all her tips and experience will benefit my professional as well as personal life!

Without the JA experience I would have never discovered my passion for entrepreneurship. Apart from that the mini company program as well as being a member of my Austrian Alumni Network helped me to develop myself to become a more independent and outgoing woman. I recognized my strengths and weaknesses and realized that failure is not something negative - quite the contrary. Moreover, I gained a more positive view regarding my personal future - we, the young generation, have so many opportunities and should not be frightened by them! As already above mentioned - it was an extraordinary experience, which I can only recommend to anyone!!

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